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Visblue is a Danish/Portuguee spinout company from Aarhus Universityand the University of Porto, based on a patented invention created by Adelio Mendes and Anders Bentien. The Visblue Battery is an energy storage solution built around a unique vanadium redox flow battery. The Visblue Battery Solution can store the solar energy you produce in a day and power your home at night.


The Visblue Battery Solution does not use conventional batteries, like other energy storage solutions, but is a self-developed battery, based on redox flow technology.


With the Visblue Battery Solution the electrical power and storage capacity can be scaled independently. This means that you can get a battery that is tailored exactly to your needs.


The Visblue Battery Solution has separated major operating components(tanks, electrolyte, pumps, electrode stack e.t.c), that are either recyclable or reusable in different ways.

Why Use Visblue's Battery for Renewable Energy

Absolute Scalability
Lifespan of 20+ years
Make grid purchase savings
Internet-enabled monitoring and control
Maximise your use of renewable energy sources
Reduce carbon emissions
Inherent safety-non-flammable and non-explosive


Valopaa Limited

Valopaa Ltd. is LED lighting company based in Finland. They develop and produce LED light fittings for demanding environments. They have concentrated to lighting solutions which require high energy efficiency, long lifetime and easy maintenance. Valopaa Ltd. is located in Oulu, the high-tech city of Finland, known worldwide for telecommunications know-how. Their competence is based on wide experience of working in telecom and electronics industryand network partners have a long experience in mobile and base station product subcontracting. They utilize their technologies and processes. Valopaa has all the essential expertise in house for developing advanced LED lighting solutions. Its competences include lighting design and industrial design. Valopaa has also design know-how in mechanics, electronics and optics. It has experience also in reliability and thermal design. The LED light fixtures of Valopaa Ltd. are easily adaptable for use in many different places. The LED modules and LED light fixtures were originally developed for demanding use in road and street lighting. However, they are suitable also for many other lighting implementations. This part of these internet pages opens up all the different uses and applications of the VP LED light fixtures.





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